Our mission is to provide as many free Bibles as we possibly
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Word of God and invite every person to embark on the
wonderful journey of discovering Jesus and God!

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Welcome to Here you can request a completely free Bible for yourself. We send them all over the world so we invite everyone regardless of your location. If you have friends or family that would also like a Bible, please let them know about If you are from outside of the United States we often send more Bibles to one person who later passes them out to their friends and family. If you would like to do that, please indicate when requesting your Bible. You can spread the Word of God by asking your friends and family if they would like a Bible as well. request a Bible

Do you want to chip in to the cause of spreading the Word of God? We have an awesome program where you can fund a Bible for somebody. You can pay for the Bible itself or for the shipping as well. It usually costs us about $4.13 to send a Bible in the US and about $8.44 to send a Bible internationally. You can fund one or all of the Bibles that we provide for free. You can chip in $1.00 or $10.00, it's completely up to you. fund someone's Bible or donate